SEF Reschedule: No Joy

As I mentioned previously, our immigration lawyer helpfully tried to change our SEF appointments to NOT be at the exact same time in two different places, I presume because she didn’t want to have to pay for two different translators for us – but accidentally scheduled the appointments for the same day we land in Lisbon, which is also the day the pets arrive (and obviously someone needs to be around to collect them from the transporters.)

She said she would try to get it rescheduled again, but we didn’t hear back, so we ended up rescheduling our departure date to May 29, so we’d at least have some padding should flights get delayed, etc.

We also had to reschedule the animals’ departure dates so we could be sure someone would be around to collect them.

Which also means we had to change the date that the stuff-movers arrive to pack our stuff. (We’re not being lazy, we’re not allowed to pack our own stuff, else we could be hit with a ridiculous import/VAT tax on crusty old crap nobody else but us would want.)

Which means my sister also had to reschedule when she’s coming by to pick up some of the furniture, etc that we’re not taking, so she had to reschedule her pet sitters.

So now everybody is mad at us for things we didn’t have any control over, it cost us more money than I’d like to think about to change our flights, AND we lose two days of settling things stateside that we were kind of counting on.

Just goes to show you, no matter how much you try to plan and stay on top of things, one small thing can have a domino effect and throw a monkey wrench into your best laid plans.

Portugal jank, yo.

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