About Us

This is the blog for Alison Gianotto (aka “snipe”) and Brady Wetherington (aka “uberbrady”) as they make the journey from San Diego to residency in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a long road (with some water in between) but we’re thrilled you’re joining us here.

We both work in tech for a company called Grokability, Inc, which makes the free open source IT asset management software Snipe-IT. Since Grokability is a remote-only company, we have the privilege of being able to work from anywhere, and we’ve decided Portugal is where we want to be.

We’re selling our condo, and moving to Lisbon with our three pets (two dogs and one cat.) We’re not yet fluent in Portuguese, but we practice a lot using Practice Portuguese and Portuguese with Leo, and Alison has a tutor with iTalki.

While we’re certainly not relocation experts, feel free to ask us questions if you’re interested in making a similar life change. You can find us on Mastodon at @snipe@hackers.town and @uberbrady@uberbrady.com. Snipe is also trying out BlueSky, so you can find her there as well.